Plastikçiler OSB Prefabricated Factory

Within the scope of GürtesBetosan business partnership, we operate in the production and application of Prefabricated concrete building elements.
Reinforced Concrete Prefabricated Building Elements, we offer the highest quality and most cost effective solutions in terms of production techniques and production quality.
Our production and advantages for Plastikçiler OSB Prefabricated Factory Projects.


Fast construction and application advantage,
Not being affected by climate conditions,
Large gaps can be crossed,
Heavy loads can be carried by pre-tensioned elements,
Controlled material use and controlled production,
Light sections can be used compared to cast-in-place structures,
Significant reduction of work to be done at the construction site,
Fire resistance is higher compared to steel structures,
It is generally more economical compared to steel structures.


The necessity of designing the architectural project in accordance with standard prefabricated elements.
Lack of error tolerances.
Design and project difficulties.
Use of heavier elements compared to steel structures.


We manufacture prefabricated elements in factory environment by providing suitable conditions.

We use molds with sufficient qualities to ensure a healthy production.
We revise the molds according to the project and ensure the sealing.
We remove the concrete residues, wipe it and lubricate it with mineral mold oils.
We make the necessary checks of the reinforcement and accessories prepared in accordance with the project and the pre-tension reinforcements.
We check the length of reinforcement, diameter, number, type, stirrup, crossover and overlap.

We check the sprouts of the joints, the grooves on the sprout, the support fittings, the curtain connection sprouts.

In the pre-stretched elements, rope diameters and types, rope coordinates are checked.
Rope tensioning forces are controlled by means of a manometer or stretching-strain relationship.

After these checks, concrete pouring and placing process is started.
The prefabricated element is poured into concrete molds prepared in accordance with the type of concrete specified in the project, and its placement is ensured by vibration (using high frequency mold vibration or bottle type vibrators).
In concrete samples taken in line with certain concrete volumes, slump test, 3, 7, 28 day strength tests and necessary tests are performed and the results are recorded.


The element, whose concrete casting and vibration is finished, is put on hold.
Then, steam cure application starts, the steam temperature given to the element is gradually increased (preferably 10 ~ 35 Co / hour), steam should be given to the element homogeneously.

After the element gains sufficient strength, the steam is gradually reduced and the element is allowed to cool.

Excessive hot steam (> 80 ~ 85 C o) should not be given to the elements. Otherwise, undesirable situations may be encountered in the concrete quality and surface quality of the element. These; – Dusting, deterioration on the surface – Shrinkage cracks occur – Volumetric changes – Decreases in long term concrete strength values


The elements, whose steam application and cooling are completed, are removed from the points specified in their projects using equipments.
Care is taken to ensure that there is no crack and excessive deflection of the elements during lifting.


The elements are checked visually.
Elements are checked for size and their suitability for manufacturing sheets. Element process control marking should be done.

The places of the anchor plates and the embedding in the concrete are checked, the concrete is cleaned and anti-rust paint is applied to prevent corrosion.
It is checked that accessories of bolted, sleeved and sprouted joints can perform their functions.

Pre-tensioned elements should be checked for rope leakage and reverse deflection should be checked.
If any part breakage, excessive pore, crack, anchorage in the anchorage plates, defects in the sprout places and holes are within the tolerance limits, the necessary repairs and works are carried out.

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