Our company, which performs turn-key projects on prefabricated concrete factory, has been operating in the construction sector since 1996. We can manufacture our prefabricated factory building elements, prefabricated culvert manufacturing in industrial buildings that we started to design with the architectural project, in line with the building standards and in accordance with the advanced prefabricated building production techniques. We offer high performance and design freedom in reinforced concrete prefabricated, prefabricated culvert manufacturing. We expand the borders in reinforced concrete prefabricated buildings.

We produce structural elements for prefabricated concrete factory constructions, using knowledge, experience and experience in Prefabricated Concrete Factory, Prefabricated Culvert Manufacturing and industrial concrete building elements, using technology and civil engineering static technique.

Thanks to the post-tensioning and pre-stretching prefabricated concrete building elements, reinforced concrete prefabricated concrete factory production technology, we constantly invest in technology in safe, economical and useful building elements that fully comply with earthquake regulations.

Prefabricated concrete factory costs are very economical compared to other alternative applications. Especially Prefabricated concrete factory, Prefabricated Culvert Manufacturing is an investor friendly solution because the costs cause low cost in terms of initial investment. Prefabricated factory m2 prices vary considerably according to the project.

The building elements we produced;

Prefabricated Concrete Column
Prefab Concrete Scissors
Prefabricated Culvert Manufactures
Prefabricated Concrete Beam
Prefabricated Concrete Foundation Sockets
Prefabricated Concrete Stream
Prefabricated Concrete Purlin
Prefabricated Concrete Heel Concrete
Prefabricated Concrete Wall